Maintaining Brand Standards as a Franchise Owner: Do’s and Don’ts

Maintaining Brand Standards as a Franchise Owner

Opening a new location for an established brand comes with great advantages. But it also comes with responsibilities to maintain brand standards. Customers have certain expectations when they walk into one of your outlets. Your success depends on consistently meeting those expectations. 

Here are some key do’s and don’ts when it comes to upholding your brand’s standards.

Follow the Operations Manual Closely

The operations manual serves as the holy grail for franchise owners, offering a detailed roadmap for implementing and upholding brand standards consistently. It’s not just a reference; it’s your compass for navigating the intricate terrain of this business. 

This manual encapsulates a wealth of knowledge, guiding you through every aspect of your operations, from the layout and decor of your establishment to the precise protocols governing customer service.

Thorough Familiarization

Dive deep into the operations manual, exploring every nook and cranny. By gaining an intimate understanding of its contents, you empower yourself to operate your business in a way that mirrors the brand’s values and expectations. 

This manual is not a one-time read; it should be a constant companion. As updates and revisions are released, promptly incorporate them into your practices. This dedication to remaining current ensures that your business remains in alignment with the evolving standards of the brand.

For owners, particularly those in the competitive world of quick-service restaurants franchises (QSR franchises), adhering to the operations guide is paramount. It’s the cornerstone of delivering a consistent brand experience, from the first impression a customer receives when they walk through your door to the quality of service they can expect. 

The manual is your safeguard, providing you with the tools needed to excel and thrive in the QSR market.

Attend All Required Training

Part of maintaining the brand image as a franchise owner, especially when opening a sports bar, involves a commitment to continuous learning. Initial and ongoing training is paramount in understanding the brand’s unique standards and expectations. 

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The initial training is your foundational stepping stone, delving deep into the brand’s systems, values, and procedures. It equips you with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to establish and operate your sports bar in alignment with the brand’s identity.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Ongoing periodic training is equally vital. This aspect of training serves as a conduit for updates and refreshers, ensuring that you remain well-versed in the brand’s latest developments and any revisions to standards. 

Consult the Brand on Any Changes

Before making any changes – even minor ones – check with the brand team. Something as small as altering an item or paint color could dilute brand consistency. The brand has a holistic perspective on how each element plays into the overall strategy. 

They can advise you on how to implement changes in an appropriate, approved manner. Maintaining open communication ensures you stay aligned.

Don’t Deviate from the Branding Standards

It’s vital as an owner to maintain brand standards and one of the fundamental aspects to avoid deviating from what’s required. Branding is a cornerstone of a franchise’s identity, and it’s carefully crafted with specific items, recipes, and flavors for a reason. 

Here’s why it’s crucial not to make unauthorized changes:

  • Consistency Matters. Customers visit your outlet or branch expecting a consistent experience. When you deviate from the approved offerings, it can lead to confusion and disappointment among customers.
  • Brand Image. Adhering to the approved brand imaging is integral to preserving your parent company’s overall brand identity. Deviating from these established standards can erode the brand’s distinctiveness and undermine its visibility in the market.
  • Sales Impact. Unauthorized substitutions or additions can negatively affect sales. Customers may be hesitant to try new, untested items, leading to a decrease in overall revenue.

To maintain the integrity of your franchise and uphold brand standards, it’s essential to adhere to the guidelines set by the brand. This consistency ensures that customers receive the experience they expect and helps sustain the brand’s reputation and success.

Avoid Altering Brand Messaging

From your external advertising to your in-store interactions, it’s important to stay true to the brand’s voice, tone, and messaging. Everything from the language in a social media post to the scripting for employees has been carefully crafted based on research. 

When owners go rogue with positioning or messaging, it dilutes the brand identity. Execute the messaging as instructed in your training and manuals.

Don’t Take Shortcuts Just to Save Money

It can be tempting to switch to inferior, cheaper supplies or ingredients to break even on your ROI or boost your profit margins. But shortcuts like these almost always result in a subpar customer experience. 

If your offerings don’t meet expectations, you damage the brand. Not only that, but your revenues then suffer from a lack of repeat business. Keeping quality high should be the priority over short-term cost savings.

In a Nutshell

Following your brand’s established systems and standards is crucial, but so is a spirit of collaboration. Maintain open communication with the corporate team. Share feedback and suggestions. Together, you can continually improve while upholding the core fundamentals that make your brand distinct.

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