Tom Brady’s Investment in FTX: A Game-Changer in the Crypto World

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Cryptocurrencies have recently taken the financial world by storm, capturing the curiosity of both investors and famous people.

Tom Brady, a renowned NFL quarterback, is one noteworthy person who has embraced the crypto revolution.

We will explore  “How much did Tom Brady invest in FTX?”  in detail in this article. We’ll go into the specifics of his investment, its ramifications, and the market’s overall setting for cryptocurrencies.

Tom Brady: More Than Just a Football Star:

Calling Tom Brady the top player in the AFC East is not a leap because he is one of the best quarterbacks ever. Brady ranks third among all NFL players, according to fans who took part in the poll, which is honorable.

Tom Brady: More Than Just a Football Star
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Thanks to his excellent decision-making on the field and during his football career, Tom Brady rose to the top of the NFL quarterback rankings. However, his investment in FTX suffered greatly due to the same process.

What Is the FTX Phenomenon?

FTX, a cryptocurrency, has declared bankruptcy. If it collapses, the entire Bitcoin market might be affected. The cryptocurrency community frequently uses one criterion to select champions: whether they are profitable.

When success and wealth are separated from morality and ethics, FTX results. SBF likely misappropriated consumer payments at some point to engage in “effective altruism.”

Leading cryptocurrency exchange FTX, is renowned for its cutting-edge goods and services. Numerous trading alternatives are available, such as spot trading, futures contracts, and tokenized assets.

Tom Brady’s Entry into the Crypto Game:

Brady, 45, contributed an incredible $30 million, and Bundchen, 42, contributed $18 million. When FTX fell in November 2022, their investments went south, and their FTX shares became worthless. In 2021, Brady and Bundchen started working with FTX.

Tom Brady's Entry into the Crypto Game:
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Brady, who was well-known for his interest in cryptocurrency, kept in touch frequently with Bankman-Fried, the CEO of FTX.

Beyond FTX, their friendship continued when Bankman-Fried joined Autograph, an NFT business that Brady helped co-found, and when she indicated interest in maybe buying an NFL team with the former quarterback.

FTX’s Effect from Tom Brady:

Brady has a more significant stake in FTX than just a monetary one. His celebrity status and reputation in the sporting community may draw people from a different demographic to the platform. Additionally, he can directly market FTX to his sizable audience because of his active participation on social media sites.

Details of the collaboration between Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen and FTX:

In June 2021, Tom Brady and his ex-wife invested in FTX as part of a long-term partnership. Brady was the firm’s representative as per the provisions of the contract.On the other side, Bündchen provided it with social and environmental campaign advice.

Brady and Bündchen’s ownership interest in the market has probably lost its worth.

Due to FTX, more people than only the celebrated quarterback and his ex-wife will undoubtedly lose money. NBA star Steph Curry and baseball player Shohei Ohtani are connected through business. FTX also contributes significantly to Major League Baseball’s sponsorship program.

According to reports, Tom Brady had 1.1 million shares of the collapsed crypto exchange FTX:

After it was discovered that Sam Bankman-Fried, the company’s founder, had used billions of dollars in customer deposits to buy pricey real estate, invest the money in other businesses, and finance cryptocurrency trading through his hedge fund Alameda Research, the cryptocurrency exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy in November.

When Bankman-Fried’s shady business practices came to light, the company declared bankruptcy, which led to the demise of one of the main players in the cryptocurrency industry.

For years, Tom Brady and numerous other celebrities promoted FTX goods in exchange for stock in the rapidly expanding company. When Bankman-Fried declared bankruptcy, the celebrities lost millions of dollars and shares.

Tom Brady, The Crypto Trailblazer:

In conclusion, Tom Brady’s foray into the realm of cryptocurrencies, especially his investment in FTX, exemplifies his versatility and futuristic financial philosophy. Brady’s influence goes far beyond the field of play as a football star and current crypto enthusiast.


1. Did Tom Brady own shares of FTX?

$30M as part of his endorsement contract before it “imploded last fall,” a deal that was “almost entirely FTX stock,” according to Griffith & Yaffe-Bellany of the N.Y.

2. How many FTX shares did Tom Brady forfeit?

Tom Brady reportedly lost $30 million in FTX stock following the collapse of the cryptocurrency startup.

3. How many FTX shares did Tom Brady own?

According to Matthew Fox of Market Insider on Tuesday, the document revealed that Brady, who served as a brand ambassador for FTX and appeared in one of the company’s commercials, held more than 1.1 million common shares of FTX.

4. What was the price of an FTX share?

The current live FTX price is $1.88 with a $54.94K 24-hour trading volume. Our FTT price is precisely and instantly updated in the table above. FTT’s price is down -6.06% from the previous hour and -22.01% from yesterday.

5. Who suffers the most losses in FTX?

The biggest losers are regular crypto users and ethical business owners who just witnessed another significant crisis devastate the sector and who will suffer as a result of SBF’s actions.

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