Reasons for Being Arrested at the Airport and How a Criminal Lawyer Can Help


Airport arrests often lead to felony or misdemeanor charges. The consequences of the charges can be huge and can result in a conviction, fine, probation, suspension of your state professional license, and jail time.

A Los Angeles criminal lawyer can fight for your rights to help you avoid or reduce the punishment. Here is more information about arrests at the airport and how a criminal lawyer can help.

Reasons for Being Arrested at the Airport

The airport is a public place governed by the same laws as other public settings. If you have an outstanding arrest warrant or have committed a crime, law enforcement officers can arrest you at the airport. Contact a Los Angeles criminal lawyer if you’re arrested. Here are some of the common reasons that can lead to an arrest at the airport:

Possession of Gun and Firearms

People who want to travel with their guns on commercial airlines should follow the set rules. Failure to do so can result in charges of unlawful gun possession. To bring a firearm or a gun onto a plane, one must unload and lock the weapon and secure it in a locked case in their luggage.

The traveler should inform the airline that they have a firearm or gun during check-in. Other weapons that may have restrictions include hoax devices, destructive and explosive devices, and knives. If you attempt to carry an unlicensed firearm onto an aircraft, you may get charged with a felony.

Disturbing the Peace

Behaving in a disorderly manner in an airport can result in a felony or a misdemeanor charge. The severity of the charges can result from the impact the behavior allegedly had on public safety.

In airports, disorderly conduct is especially dangerous because of the focus on security at the airport. The police and security need to remain vigilant for the safety of everyone. 

Outstanding Arrest Warrant

If you’ve committed a crime and have an outstanding arrest warrant, you can get arrested when you depart or arrive at the airport. Your identification documents can be run against the database of people with outstanding warrants when going through the security checkpoint.

Officers can take you into custody if they find your name on the database. Contact a legal representative shortly after this takes place to learn what steps you should take.

Possession of Illegal Drugs

If you distribute or possess illegal drugs at an airport, you can face both federal and state charges. It’s illegal to travel with drug paraphernalia or illegal drugs of any type. You can get arrested immediately if law enforcement officers discover illegal drugs in your baggage.

Illegal drugs can include heroin, cocaine, depressants, marijuana, stimulants, opiates, methamphetamine, and others. Drug possession penalties are determined by the purpose of your possession and the type of substance.

Drug possession carries a considerably higher penalty if the defendant intends to give or sell the drug to others. Possessing a huge quantity of the drug for one individual to use can result in a distribution charge.

How a Criminal Lawyer Can Help

You have a right to consult a Los Angeles criminal lawyer if you get arrested at the airport. Upon the arrest, immediately request legal representation to receive guidance and have your rights protected throughout the legal process.

A criminal defense lawyer can identify loopholes in your case to help negotiate a reduced sentence or avoid the conviction. The investigation can involve collecting relevant information, talking to the police and witnesses, and reviewing evidence. 

A criminal defense lawyer understands how the law works in different cases. They will tell you what to expect and help you make the right decisions. If this option is applicable, a lawyer can also use their expertise and experience to negotiate a plea bargain to minimize your sentence. 

Contact a Reputable Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer

Violating the laws at the airport can bring severe penalties or fines. A reputable Los Angeles criminal lawyer understands court procedures and every aspect of criminal law. Choose a lawyer with vast experience in negotiating cases to help you avoid serious penalties. Contact an experienced attorney to improve your chances of getting a more favorable plea bargain or winning your case in the event of an airport arrest.

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