Trendy Diamond Shapes To Consider When Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Trendy Diamond Shapes To Consider When Purchasing an Engagement Ring

If you are searching for an engagement ring, you may have noticed many options in the market. Considering diamond shapes when ring shopping can help you choose a shape that influences ring aesthetics and can reflect the wearer’s personality. Here are popular diamond shapes to consider when shopping for engagement rings: 

Round Cut

Round diamonds are one of the most popular diamond shapes. The symmetrical, circular shape of round-cut diamonds allows them to reflect light, enhancing the diamond’s brilliance. This diamond complements a wide range of styles for engagement rings, contributing to its popularity and timelessness. 

Princess Cut

The princess cut is a contemporary style known for its square or rectangular shape with pointed corners. Although square diamonds have been around for centuries, princess cut shapes are relatively new, offering a balance between classic and contemporary design.

Princess cut gems may not have a standardized number of faucets, making each diamond unique. The diamond’s sharp angles and clean lines give it a modern and bold appearance. Princess cut stones have flat sides, allowing the side stones to set more easily. 

Oval Cut

Oval-shaped diamonds have an elongated length with rounded tips. Their shape gives the illusion of greater size than round diamonds with equal carat weight. Oval diamonds are versatile and work well with traditional and modern ring settings. When shopping for oval diamond rings, consider which width-to-length ratio is more flattering. 

Emerald Cut 

Emerald diamonds may be cut using a technique called step-cut faceting, which gives them a rectangular shape with cut corners. Due to their cut, emerald stones can have fewer faucets, which can affect their brilliance than round diamonds.

This diamond shape offers a sophisticated, minimalistic look suitable for vintage ring styles. Emerald diamonds are available in various proportions. 

Marquise Cut

Marquise diamonds are elongated, with an oval shape and pointed ends. This diamond is known for its multiple faucets and can cause a bow-tie effect.

Light can reflect in the outer edges while the center is darker. The stone can stand alone due to its unique shape, and its elongated design creates the illusion of longer, slender fingers. 

Pear Cut

The pear cut, known as the teardrop shape, combines the marquise and oval design with one pointed end. Jewelers help design the pear-shaped diamonds with the point facing away from the hand. Pear-cut diamonds can work beautifully in both solitaire and halo settings. 

Cushion Cut 

The cushion cut is a cross between a round and princess-cut diamond, with its square shape and rounded edges.

This diamond has significant facets designed to catch the light and can disperse rainbow-colored reflections. Cushion diamonds have a soft outline, which pairs well with halos and vintage rings. 

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Each diamond shape has its unique characteristics that appeal to different audiences. When shopping for engagement rings, consider whether the diamond shape suits the wearer’s style and the ring’s overall design. Whether you choose a round, pear, or trendy princess cut, check out your nearest jeweler to consider these designs.

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